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I am a self-taught software engineer based in Denver, CO. I have worked in tech as a developer since 2013. I currently work remotely for DigitalOcean. I have really enjoyed learning Go and working in a large distributed systems environment. I have, also, learned a lot about DevOps. On the side, I am a mentor and squad lead at Thinkful, an online code school. I manage a group of awesome mentors and get to teach students about programming. Working with mentors has been such a big part of my career, that I want to pay that forward. I love the challenge of writing code and every day, I get to learn something new. I speak at many different developer conferences, mainly in the Ruby space. I am lucky enough that I have gotten to travel all over the world speaking at various conferences like RubyConfAU, BrightonRuby, RubyConf Malaysia, RubyConf and RailsConf. I am very lucky to be so passionate about my job and career.

When I am not writing or teaching code, you can find me in the Colorado outdoors with my dog and partner. Fly fishing is my other passion. I have gotten to travel to amazing places in search of different species of fish to catch on a fly rod. Both fresh water and salt water fly fishing bring me so much joy. I enjoy fly fishing because of the challenge, too. Knowing what bugs to tie on, how deep to rig your set up, where the fish are, etc. proves to be quite the challenge. It, also, gets me away from my computer and into nature. It is the best therapy that I could ask for.